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With each New Collection I will be bringing the Crystal Clear Blues from the Maldives, the Bright Colours from Hawaii,

the White Walls of Santorini & the Warm Tones from Paris, to any image!

*Please note all photos, phones and cameras are extremely different, Presets will help you get amazing photos, but you may need to make some adjustments (exposure, shadow, highlights, etc) to get your perfect photo! 

Make sure you have the latest Lightroom App & Desktop.
Desktop Presets are .xmp files, not .lrtemplate file & Mobile Presets are .dng files.

Don't forget to tag me in your posts & stories so I can share your amazing images!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me or email me.

Collection No.1:

  • BETH Preset 

  • RILEY Preset

  • TASH Preset

  • KATE Preset

Collection No.1

Collection No.2 Presets by Beckie G

Collection No.2:

  • MADDIE Preset 

  • CARLA Preset

  • GEORGIA Preset

  • ADRIANA Preset

Collection No.2

Collection No.3:

  • CASSIDY Preset 

  • JESSIE Preset

  • ROBBIE Preset

  • JESS Preset

Collection No.3

Collection No.4:

  • NAT Preset 

  • BESAR Preset

  • ANITA Preset (Black & White)

  • ELISE Preset

Collection No.4

Collection No.5:

  • MINE Preset 

  • RACHEL Preset

  • REESE Preset 

  • SAM Preset

Collection No.5

*if you have any issues with purchasing, or downloading, please contact me. 

Collection No.2 Presets by Beckie G
Collection No.2 Presets by Beckie G
Collection No.2 Presets by Beckie G
Collection No.2 Presets by Beckie G
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