Hawaii, USA

Updated: Mar 23

The very first trip that changed my life & business.

Let's take it back to August 2016, Beth put a post on Facebook asking for a photographer for a shoot & I replied. Yep that's where it started. That was also the shoot where I realised I wanted to work with models & brands, & I focused solely on that since then.

Fast forward to the beginning of May 2019, Beth & I had both been working on our goals & keeping an eye on each others work as we grew over the last few years, then I get a message on Instagram from her & it said something like "hey, how you been? I'm wanting to do a trip & take brands, wanna be the photographer?", to which I responded, "Umm hell yes, but how on earth can we make that happen?", after many conversations about where we want to go & how we were going to make it happen, only 1 month later, we managed to make it happen & it was perfect!

We landed in Oahu, Hawaii, with 10 amazing brands & both excited for this new adventure. The week was filled with shoots, yummy food, beautiful locations all around the island & around the island of Kauai, we swam with turtles & saw dolphins, had some special local experiences & many hours of laughing.

Trip 1/∞

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